About Dr. Johnnie

“That something that you feel tugging at your heart string; that something that is missing, that is not fulfilled; that ache you have deep down on the inside, is purpose calling you and waiting to be discovered.” – Dr. Johnnie Blount


As a visionary, Dr. Blount is known internationally for his ability to guide individuals through life changes to discover their vision and purpose, using a unique process of profiling, coaching, and motivational training. Dr. Johnnie teaches the Word of God and flows in the ministry gifts at meetings called Word Explosions throughout the United States.

His passion, besides preaching the Word of God, is building men and women, helping them find their purpose and fulfill what God called them to do. He spends several hours per week personally coaching individuals through our Fanning The Flame program, and produces an inspirational daily nugget called Be The Word. Bridging the Gap holds annual conferences on Leadership, hearing God’s voice, walking in the Supernatural, and more.

       Dr. Johnnie & Donnis (Dee) Blount

Dr. Johnnie was born in Wilson, North Carolina. He has been married to Donnis Blount for over thirty years, and has been preaching since he was fifteen years old. He moved to Morganfield, Kentucky at age eighteen, and has established three churches, and two Bible colleges. He ministered to the youth at Earle C. Clements Job Corp for over 25 years, and over 15,000 souls were saved in his ministry. There were untold numbers of supernatural manifestations and many youth he mentored became successful. After many years he returned to his beloved hometown.