Be the Word this Holiday Season

Saints, we are now coming into the holiday season. As Thanksgiving approaches, the world gets ready to gather the family and prepare all of the traditional foods such as turkey, dressing, and all the trimmings. Then we go right into the Christmas season, followed by New Year’s celebrations. There are many people without family and friends to celebrate with. Some people have children, but have no relationship with them. Some people have no family at all. This is a great opportunity for us to bridge the gap in their lives and celebrate this season with them.

Sometimes we just want to bless church people and forget about the invisible people and those who are hidden in their homes because of illness, or are ashamed to show themselves because of nakedness or lack of clothing. There are people in prison who need a word of encouragement. The Lord said when I was in prison you visited me (Mt. 25:36). Jesus said to the church what you do unto the least, is what you have done unto me (Mt. 25:40). Remember, we cannot serve the Lord without serving people because He lives in us. His tabernacle is in us.

Our desire should be to reflect the love of the Father as Jesus did when He was here in the earth. He always demonstrated the love of the Father by the things that He did with people who were hurting. He always brought comfort to them rather than condemnation. This season, we can reach more people if we focus on others and not just on ourselves. Remember, everything about the Kingdom of God is based on love. Without love we cannot fulfill the love of the Father. The only thing that will draw people to the Kingdom is love.

This is the perfect season to be a witness for Jesus Christ, because people’s hearts are open during this season. They are more sensitive to the Lord during this time of the year than any other. So ask the Holy Spirit to show you how to touch the lives of those who are around you and are hurting. Do not only tell them about the church or the Kingdom, but be the church. Reveal the Kingdom to them through the love of God that dwells within you. My friends, people are hurting regardless of their success, education, race or color. Because I am a minister, I know that suicide is the highest in November and December than any other time of the year; and that is in all religions, races, and ages. So, please go light your world and give yourself away.

Be the Word! – by Dr. Johnnie Blount