Fanning the Flame

“That something that you feel tugging at your heart string, that something that is missing, that is not fulfilled, that ache you have deep down on the inside, is purpose calling you and waiting to be discovered.”  

 – Dr. Johnnie Blount

In 2008, Dr. Blount and his daughter were travelling through North Carolina when he received a vision of a school. Thus, Fanning the Flame was birthed in 2010. This is a coaching school with a curriculum; however, each student receives instruction individually on the phone, once a week.

 Dr. Johnnie coaches students from all over the United States and from various backgrounds…school teachers, home makers, lawyers, business owners, nurse practitioners, men and women with educational backgrounds ranging from high school graduates to doctorate degrees.

 The purpose of the school is to help people find their purpose and train them into their destiny. Dr. Johnnie asked the Lord how it would be accomplished, and what he heard was that he was to test them to find their personality and gifting, then train them in the necessary skills to accomplish God's vision for them. 

Do you know the pain of knowing you were born for something great, but don’t know what it is or how to define it?

Do you feel the confusion of knowing you need to develop skills to accomplish your vision…but don’t know anyone who has that ability or will take you seriously? 

Are you longing for a path of education both naturally and spiritually on which to walk?

Do you experience the fog of undefined dreams?

Do you wander the earth knowing that there is a spark of life that when given the breath of life will burst into a blazing flame which will light the way for many?

Do you know the loneliness of walking among friends and acquaintances who don’t hear your heart speak?

Enter FANNING THE FLAME coaching program.  Dr. Johnnie's program is specifically designed to help you discover who you really are and why you were born.  He will teach you to take your purpose seriously, assist you in building the necessary skills to fulfill your purpose, and to work in your present set of circumstances with an eye toward your future.


So, if you have

  • Fire stored up in your bones
  • Untapped energy
  • Creative power not being released

Let Dr. Blount help fan that spark of life into a roaring flame!

Please fill out this form to get in touch with Bridging the Gap about working with Dr. Johnnie in Fanning the Flame coaching.  We'll get back to you shortly.