Bridging the Gap Ministries is at work around the world in countries such as Haiti, Brazil, Belize, Dominican Republic, and Uganda. Pastor Johnnie Blount preaches the word of God, and along with his team, provides medical care, food, provisions, and other help where it is sorely needed.


Your donations go directly to helping fund these mission trips as well as the villages receiving them. Currently, a large percentage of our donations fund is going to Haiti to help people who have been so hard hit in recent months.

Thank you for helping build and strengthen the body of Christ with your support of our ministry and missions efforts. 


Dr. Johnnie Blount and his team minister around the world preaching the Word of God, providing medical care, and helping as needed in Uganda, Brazil, Belize, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and more.

Bridging the Gap team members went to clinics in rural mountain areas of Haiti set up by Missions of Love based in Kentucky, and provided medical care to people who walked great distances over rugged terrain to receive help.


Bridging the Gap brought candy and small toys to young children and pens and paper to the youth. They are eager and happy to receive these items that they normally don't have.

Your generous support enables us to continue our ministry in Haiti, Uganda, and other third world countries as God leads us.  

To make a donation, please visit our Donate Page.  Thank you!


Pictures from our trip to Haiti, November, 2017:


Pictures from our trip to Brazil, October, 2017:


To read about this trip and see more pictures, visit our blog post.

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Pictures from our last trip to Uganda:

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Pictures from our last trip to Brazil: