Prophecy for 2020

My friends, on this last day of 2019, the Lord has given me a word of prophecy for the body of Christ for this New Year 2020:

The Spirit of the Lord would say unto My people, this is the year that I have appointed unto you. This is your time and season. My son and my daughter, many of you say that you are waiting upon Me to reveal and to tell you what to do. I say unto you that I have already spoken to you through My Word. Rise up and go forth. When you rise up and go forth, you shall find that the door may be closed, but it is not locked. When you knock on the door it shall be opened.

This will be a year of great surprises. They will not be negative surprises, but good things are going to happen. The Spirit of the Lord is going to accelerate in the earth and in your life. Good changes will take place for you and your family and good changes in your health and finances. There will be changes in revelation in the understanding of the Kingdom, in wisdom, and in knowledge. More and more of My people will begin to walk in revelation and understanding of the Kingdom of God. When this revelation manifests itself in your life, your health, finances, circumstances, address, and your ministry will change.

Be not afraid of tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year; for I am already in your future. Your future is brighter than your past. Remember, life and death, blessing and cursing, are in the power of the tongue. If you desire blessed years, then speak life to your years. Speak life to your family, your health, and to your finances. Don’t worry about the crises or storms that will come. Everything that will come in 2020 will make you a better person and will help you to fulfill your purpose and destiny for the Kingdom of God.

My son and my daughter, remember that your sins are behind you. I do not remember them. They are under the blood of Jesus. I do not know anything negative about you because it is under My blood. Some of you will see a change in three weeks, some in three months, and some will see a breakthrough in three days. There shall be a shift. Mark your calendars for three days, three weeks, and three months. The Spirit of the Lord will reveal, will open a door, and will give you an idea. There will be a shift. You will be dealing with three for next year, over and over again. There will be change for the good.

As a river with bends and curves is flowing, so your life turns to the left or to the right, but is still moving forward and will reach the destination. The curse has been broken. For the curse, I have given you salvation and health. I have delivered and set you free from religion, addictions to food, nicotine, or anything that has controlled you. Tap into the Truth. You must be delivered from your past thinking. I came into the earth to free you. You must receive it.

Pursue the door that is closed. Knock on the closed door and turn the door knob. The door has been closed for weeks, months, and for some it has been years. If you would knock on the door in 2020, this shall be a door opening year. You will have perfect vision this year. You will see, and things will be better than in days and times past because of the revelation and understanding of the Kingdom. The Kingdom of God is upon you and within you and shall be released through your mouth, your mind and your thinking. You shall possess, walk in, and demonstrate the Kingdom more so than you ever have before. I will reveal religion, tradition, and denomonationism to you. All of the isms that keep you in bondage, I will give you clarity of and this will be a year of freedom.

This will be the best year yet for you, your family, and your ministry. The crisis that you shall go through is going to cause you to be stronger and more powerful than you have ever been. I have already defeated the giant, death, pain, and this culture that you live in. What you see is a mirage, which this thing, beast, demon, and tradition that you have walked in will not be your companion in the future. Doors will open and doors will close. You have been free and you are free. You will walk in freedom from this year forth you will walk in freedom at a faster pace than you ever have before. Breakthrough, breakthrough, breakthrough, is on your behalf says the Lord.

Things that were begun in the past will be finished this year and things that have been started will be brought to completion. New doors are open and new beginnings will bring prosperity and will bring even new things never done before and you shall walk in a place you’ve never been before, because the Lord is bringing a new anointing into the New Year with a purpose and a goal to bring the people into greater maturity. As you go into new places, you will be pioneering toward a common goal and a new theme the Lord is putting into effect, a new movement in the body of Christ, which is a fresh movement.

Happy New Year!